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The current trends in healthcare are calling for new and inventive solutions to increase the rate of patient participation in self-health management. Now, more than ever, providers are considering innovative ways to better engage patients in their care.

In order to meet the needs of today’s patient populations, provider interaction and education must occur in a space the patient is already comfortable, to:

-Harness the power of group influence to facilitate the adoption of healthy behaviors by connecting patients with one another in an online community that is positive, engaging and supportive;

-Minimize the time and effort involved in individual communication by interacting with a plethora of patients in your network simultaneously (one-to-many) through groups based on conditions, goals or care plans;

-Maximize the impact of educational content by providing and continuously posting properly timed, clinically-approved, programmatic content, ensuring patients are consuming reliable and relevant information and making informed decisions.

WellFX is the first patient-centered, provider-directed and secure social platform designed specifically for healthcare providers to engage and empower patients in better managing their health. While most social media platforms are subject to liability concerns and privacy issues, WellFX allows providers complete control over content and discussion in a HIPAA-compliant arena.

Equally beneficial for providers and patients, WellFX’s mission is to improve patient health outcomes, foster true population health management and reduce overall costs to the healthcare system.

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