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WellFX Supports Patients

By nature, we are all social beings. This includes both patients and providers and makes communication and interaction key in building relationships and achieving positive health outcomes. This realization opens a door for social media to begin to have a positive influence on maintaining healthy lifestyles and achieving health related goals. The WellFX social platform gives patients the ability to actively participate in a personal care program centered directly surrounding their condition in a private, secure, HIPAA-compliant social environment.

WellFX offers Patients:

  • Access to other patients dealing with the same or similar health challenges harnessing the power of group support to achieve positive health outcomes without sending them on an online quest for peers and advice on their own
  • Unique access to programmatic content backed by the voice of qualified healthcare providers, ensuring both the quality of care and information, and a strong network for patients as they manage chronic conditions
  • The opportunity to lead a better, healthier life with proper guidance from their healthcare provider through a program that is positive, engaging and achievable in an environment built with their privacy and personal safety in mind