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Integrated Delivery Networks, Community Health Centers, Physician Networks, Accountable Care Organizations

Healthier Patients

Use the WellFX platform to achieve better health outcomes. The WellFX platform connects patients to providers and other patients in an environment that is private, secure, and easy to interact and is provider-directed enabling any healthcare organization to influence their patients’ engagement, activation and compliance with the care plan. Clinicians utilizing WellFX have the unique opportunity to unlock social media’s potential to effect measurable and lasting changes to patient behavior resulting in positive health outcomes and a healthier patient population.

Patient Loyalty

Within WellFX, providers are given the ability to leverage social influence to build a large community of patients who support each other with a shared goal of wellness. Peer-to-peer communication combined with the intrinsic human need to connect with a community and the ease of access to social platforms, vis-à-vis the prevalence of mobile technology, affords providers a new opportunity to build loyal patient populations.

Increased Reimbursement

With the onset of value-based reimbursement, there is no question that providers need to focus on solutions that increase positive health outcomes and decrease costs. By using WellFX as a catalyst for improved health outcomes and building loyal patient populations, providers can ensure that they are achieving the outcomes needed for reimbursement.